to market your textile and fashion products

Do you want to present your product in an innovative and interactive way and get data insights in potential (b2b or b2c) customers? 

Are you looking to make your sustainability efforts more tangible? Do you just want to update or educate your community on a new project? 


Meet Ellie and her digital toolbox, and discover how the Ellie.Boutique and Ellie.Xperify® can help you reach your audience, physical, virtual and hybrid. 

The interactive product booth

Ellie.Boutique is a modular product booth to present your products in a very interactive way.

The booth can travel to where your customer or audience is. The set-up and the lay-out can be fully customized according to your preferences.

Whether it is to present your products in your showroom or at an event, or if you want to organize an awareness-raising campaign with a collecting campaign, Ellie.Boutique offers you an infinite range of possibilities.

The virtual showroom

The Xperify® platform allows you to bring your showroom to your customer. It allows you to build a virtual space, where you can fully customize the content depending on the type of customer.

It’s a very powerful tool for your salesperson that allows to cross the physical barriers and is perfect to trigger the first interest of potential customers. With Xperify® you can connect with your customer anywhere at any time.