global ecosystem for change in textiles & fashion

The Ellie.Connect digital ecosystem platform is your starting point for all questions, needs & challenges related to sustainability in textiles & fashion.  

Whether you are looking to validate your textile waste, find more sustainable suppliers, get an update on upcoming circular textile legislation, or deepen your understanding of the circular value chain, Ellie.Connect offers you the connections, information & inspiration you need.  

Tap into the power of the ecosystem and let's do great things together.

Discover the platform

Ellie.Connect is a B2B digital platform for the sustainable textiles & fashion ecosystem.

The ecosystem is accessible to any party within or linked to the textile & fashion industry, who is commited to be more sustainable in the industry. 

Ellie.Connect welcomes partners who are either at the beginning or already well on their way towards being a sustainability pioneer. 

Let’s drive this change together!  

Interested to join a growing global community of pioneers? Looking for solutions for your sustainability challenges? Become an ecosystem member here. 

Features & highlights

  • Be part of a growing network of pioneers for sustainability 
  • Create international visibility for your business
  • Showcase your sustainable offering & projects 
  • Highlight your Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)
  • Share your challenges with Ellie and the Ecosystem 
  • Get new insights and find solutions 
  • Get linked to new connections 
  • Start new partnerships 
  • Experience the strength of cross-industry collaboration
  • Help other by sharing knowledge and connections 
  • Find inspiration,  discover new use cases 
  • Save time searching for trends, get automated updates on +30 relevant topics 
How does it work?

For more information about the digital platform and how to subscribe, go to Ellie.Connect.

Let's talk!

Just drop us a note and tell us about your project.

Let's start something special.

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