Do you want to save time searching for the information and connections needed to take steps forward in your sustainability journey? Are you looking for one-on-one support from experts who know the industry and who can guide you through the ecosystem? 

The Ariadne team and the external advisors have built up a large network of partners in the textiles and fashion industry, both via Ellie.Connect as beyond the digital platform.  Next to that, the team knows how to work cross-industry and has supported the development of multiple sustainable textile & fashion products. 

Via Ellie.Create, the Ariadne teams leverages her network and experiece to help find the solutions you've been looking for.

Scouting Project

Looking to relocate your production to Europe, for input about your circular business model or you want to start you own sustainable fashion brand? But you do not know where to start your search or you've already spend hours and hours searching? 

Via an Ellie.Create Scouting Project we help you save time searching, by mapping your potential partners leveraging the Ellie.Connect ecosystem, our broad network as well as through an extensive online search.

Let us do the work for you so you can focus your time on the relevant connections.  

how does it work

A standard scouting project starts with an intake call to discuss what you are looking for, the criteria for the partners/solutions, timing and the way of working. Based on the intake we launch a request via the Ellie.Connect platform and our network as well do we complement this with an online search. We evaluate all potential partners based on the defined criteria during the intake call and make an overview with all relevant matches. A well structured process focused on finding your partner in the most efficient way.  

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