Would you like to create a sustainable textiles product and are you looking insights and feedback? Or just a sparring partner for a new idea of project?

The Ariadne team and her external advisors have built up a lot of experience in developing sustainable textile products. In addition there is our digital assistant Ellie, who gathers important insights about what is going on in the industry as well as in the market thanks to her digital toolbox.

Sparring session

During a sparring session, you can share your ideas, the challenges you're facing and the elements you are missing to start your journey.

Together, we strive to give you hands-on, data based feedback so you can take a head start.

how does it work

You can book a virtual or physical sparring session. Pitch your idea and we’ll bring the experts you need.  

Let's talk!

Just drop us a note and tell us about your project.

Let's start something special.

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