The transition from linear to circular comes with a lot of challenges and questions.  

The Ariadne team and the external advisors have built up a large network of partners in the textiles and fashion industry. The team knows how to work cross-industry and has supported the development of multiple sustainable textile & fashion products.

By combining this expertise with an intelligent matching approach, Ellie can help you in a timely & resource-efficient way to find solutions to your challenges


If you are looking for a new perspective, instant feedback, and new connections for your challenges then there are the Ask.Ellie sessions.

An Ask.Ellie is based on the Challenge Based Learning principle and allows you to propose a challenge for the wider Ellie.Connect ecosystem. During these short (1h) online sessions, you can expect instant feedback from different segments of the market. An absolute kick-start to get started with your challenges and questions.

If you are looking for a more tailored approach, contact the Ellie team for a custom partnership proposal.

How does it work?

Except for challenges posted from a Take-Off membership on Ellie.Connect, the approach to a challenge is always discussed via a personal intake call. Depending on the complexity of a challenge, and the desired visibility, a fully transparent or just an anonymous approach can be chosen. No matter what challenge you have, Ellie makes sure you save time & resources and can focus on what really counts - making an impact. A well structured process focused on finding your partner in the most efficient way.  

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