Driving change in textiles & fashion

Inform, inspire & connect.

Ariadne believes that the future of the textile & fashion industry focuses on 3 pillars:


Each pillar is associated with social and individual challenges.
By means of a close and open cooperation and by offering the right digital technologies Ariadne wants to support you to make this shift possible.

Origin of the name comes from the Greek methodology. As in the mythology, Ariadne offers innovative solutions, maybe even textile products to navigate your way out of the labyrinth of sustainable solutions. You can count on Ariadne's expertise, creativity and dedication for this.

Ariadne wants to inform, inspire and connect you on your way to a more sustainable textile & textiles industry.

To help you find solutions for your sustainability challenges in textiles & fashion

there is Ellie.

Ellie is your partner for change, offering sustainability as-a-service, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Regardless of the challenge you face, the questions you have, Ellie is your partner to find the connections, information & inspiration to take steps forward. 

Ellie connects you to her global ecosystem of change through the digital platform Ellie.Connect. Once part of the ecosystem, you'll be immersed in the world of sustainable textiles & fashion. 

With her toolbox, Ellie introduces a variety of technologies to the ecosystem that can help drive change. From LCA analysis tools to immersive marketing, Ellie understands what you need. 

Ellie wants to empower everyone to create positive impact, which is why the Ellie.Connect ecosystem is available to everyone, starting with a freemium offer. 

For any organisation, business, individual, looking to leap forward; Ellie offers tailored plans, giving access not only to the digital platform, but also to a vault of premium content, intelligent matchmaking & personal expertise and support. 

Whether it is as a chatbot, a question bar, an interactive voice, a virtual assistant, an expert... No matter in which form, Ellie will support you along your way.

We are Ellie.

Julie Lietaer

Founder of Ariadne Innovation. Co-Ceo European Spinning Group. Ambassador for sustainable textiles. Julie is a Commercial Engineer by education, and holds a Master's degree in Financial Management from Vlerick Business School. She has several years of experience as a business consultant at Arthur D Little, and business analyst at Barco. Julie's expertise lies in knowledge of fibers and sustainable yarns, as well as in circular product development project.

Florence Lootens

Florence is responsible for operations & Business Development at Ariadne Innovation. Florence holds a master's degree in business economics, with an extended master program in finance at CUF, Beijing. Florence’s experience lies in fashion for retail markets and working in and with innovative businesses. She has a major interest in new digital tools and technologies. She joined ESG as a business analyst and has been an active contributor to the #hackyourjeans eco-system and corresponding projects from the start.