Interactive product booth

Where you can present textile products in a very interactive way, wherever you want.

The booth

Ellie.Boutique is a modular product booth to present your products in a very interactive way.

The booth can travel to where your customer or audience is and both the set-up and the lay-out can be fully customized according to your preferences.

Whether it is to present your products in your showroom or at an event, or if you want to organise an awareness-raising campaign with a collecting campaign, Ellie.Boutique offers you an infinite range of possibilities.

Features & highlights

  • Present your sustainable textile products in an interactive way
  • Organize an awareness-raising campaign, with option to add a collecting campaign
  • Use the booth as a training tool
  • Conduct pre-purchase market research
  • Boost your direct 2 consumer sales: we can add QR tags with direct link to your ecommerce shop
  • Customize the set-up and lay-out according to your preferences and objectives

How does it work?

Depending on your preferences you can either rent the booth for storytelling or for market research purposes or make your product travel along.

Rent the booth

Present new products, raise awareness around a certain topic, tell you CSR story and make it tangible, organize a collection campaign.


  • Define your objective for the booth
  • Select the products and corresponding information you want to present
  • Develop the complete layout together with Ariadne

#hackyourjeans edit

  • Available layout, around the theme of recycled post-consumer denim products
  • Define the objective for the booth: organize a collecting campaign or conduct an in-store test to evaluate the sales potential
  • Select which products from the #hackyourjeans partners you whish to add
  • Specify what additional information you wish to display like your CSR story or more information on the campaign itself
  • Finetune the layout together with Ariadne

All possible as long if there is electricity

Rental fee: €250/week
Set-up & break down: €250
Customization: on a cost-plus base

Travel along

Present a sustainable textile product on our booth.

#hackyourjeans edit

  • For placement of the booth under the coordination of Ariadne self
  • Register your product to travel along with the booth
  • Be kept informed on the locations and events the booth is placed under initiative of Ariadne
  • Opt-in if you want to have your sustainable textile product on the booth at a certain event
  • Provide minimum 1 product for display as well as the corresponding product information
  • Option: add a direct QR link to your webshop to allow for direct sales

The booth travels to different locations and events under the initiative of Ariadne.


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