Ariadne offers

a digital platform for a more sustainable textiles & fashion industry.

Ariadne works closely with the industry to understand the needs and challenges around sustainability, digitalization and collaboration in order to offer the appropriate solutions to the ecosystem via the digital platform .
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Ariadne introduces Ellie,

your digital companion for challenges about sustainable textiles & fashion.

Ellie will be your guide in finding solutions for your challenges about sustainability in the textiles & fashion industry. 

She does this by offering you an online network, Ellie.Connect, where you can connect with industry peers to find inspiration, share knowledge and start new collaborations.

Ellie also provides you with her marketing toolbox to help bring your sustainable products to market. 

If you want to save time finding the right connections for your project via the Ellie.Connect ecosystem, you can count on the expertise and support of the Ariadne team via the Ellie.Create services. 

Whatever the challenge you are facing, Ellie will look for a way to help you.

Buy less,
choose well
and make it last.
Vivienne Westwood